Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Back pain. Three months on from the robbery.

The font of all knowledge has just driven off to Orvieto to see a back specialist. This reminds me that it is exactly three months ago today that our little idyll here in Italy was invaded in the small hours by a group of armed, hooded men firing their guns and beating us and our friends with fire irons. It's amazing how quickly time heals both the memories and the physical damage. Fractures have mended, stitches have been taken out, bruises softened, and the bullet damage to the floors and walls patched up. The back sadly has not recovered from the kickings and beatings so quickly. Why is it that modern medicine has made so many advances but the field of back pain remains in its infancy?

It's easy to criticise Italy. It has many faults - the bureaucracy is dreadful and anything to do with computers is at best hit and miss. What you can't criticise is the genuine warmth of the people - the support of the villagers has been both freely offered and practical. Where else would the local restaurants take it in turn to send down food while we were recuperating? Certainly not in the UK, where the sense of community as it exists here disappeared years ago. We have also found new friends - a local American couple have proven to be towers of strength and support. I take great cheer from the fact that you can stumble across new friends and untrammeled human kindness at any age and in the most unexpected of places.


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

We are glad you are able to overcome this. Sometimes life doesn't seem quite fair. Hope the back is on the mend.


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

yikes--that is terrifying. i don't know if i could get over it. you are strong!

KB said...

I'm so sorry to read of the horror that you endured.

Back pain remains mysterious to researchers and doctors because the back is mechanically so oddly built and because we don't truly understand how nerves respond to injury. It's a very frustrating thing for those of us who suffer from back pain. I've had intense back pain for close to 20 years - and the main thing that I've learned is to keep trying new, seemingly crazy, ways to keep the pain down. For me, being physically active is key, and many of my friends find the same thing.

I hope that the back mends!

Parsley said...

Enjoyed reading your blog and LOVE the pics of your dogs.

I'm sorry about your terrifying experience and pray you stay safe and find peace.

ScrapsofMe said...

I hate bullies. Especially gangs of bullies. You are nicer than me, I'd be armed to the teeth with a couple of junk yard dogs.