Friday, 31 July 2009

An early morning start.

The 'font of all knowledge' left at four thirty this morning for the two hour drive down to Rome to catch a flight back to London. Things must be looking up in the economy - all the British Airways flights were full apart from the anti-socially scheduled first slot of the day. We all got up at the same time to make use of the early morning cool and snatch a quick cup of coffee together. Not everyone rose from their slumbers gracefully - Wilf is not a morning canine and did his best 'if I keep my eyes closed they won't see me routine'. Having played dead he finally consented to shift to the front door but was unavailable for any form of communication thereafter . Not for nothing was he originally named Wilf as shorthand for wilful . It was left to Digby and myself to open the farm gate and watch the headlights of the car disappear into the distance. When I turned around to walk back to the house I found that Digby was sound asleep at my feet.Middle age catches up with all of us - two and four footed alike.
An interesting article in todays Corriere della Sera pointing out that the side effects of Tamiflu - the drug issued as a means of preventing swine flu - are worse than the flu itself. Nausea , sleep loss and high irritability are the most common symptoms. That's ok then.


Noah the Airedale said...

We are too familiar with early morning wake ups and walks. Our pinky leaves for work at 4.30am and we all walk to the station to see her off. We do this 4 mornings a week. When we get back home we all go back to bed! Did you?

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Sally said...

Hi, i am Sally from Franc.
You are soooo cute.

From now on, my blog is in English too.
Would be nice to see you there.

Nice wuuuh