Saturday, 1 August 2009


We didn't manage a four thirty wake-up but we were all out by five thirty for a saunter through the fields for the sunrise. There must be a weather change coming - after two weeks of scorching aridity there were mist clouds hanging in the valley bottoms. Perhaps we might even get a shower of rain in the next few days. I trimmed Digby's coat again when we got home but decided for my own sanity to leave dealing with Wilf until tomorrow. Their coats don't seem to grow so much as sprout - leave them unattended to for a week and they end up looking like polar bears.
The 'font' phoned from Oxfordshire to say that it was raining heavily and that it was so,so wonderful.Typical. We spend all our time in Scotland dreaming of heat and now we've got it we want rain. The grass is always greener.....

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