Monday, 24 August 2009

Coping with the heat

The boyz , who have coped with the high temperatures pretty well, finally wilted under yesterdays oppressive heat. It was real Atlanta style weather.For the first time ever both Wilf and Digby refused to come out for lunch preferring to sprawl morosely in the air conditioned kitchen and sulk.
Desperate measures were called for. I found an old blue plastic laundry basin in the store room, carried it down to the shade of the pool, filled it with 15 inches of cold fresh water from the tap and then called the boyz down to join me. I threw one of their favourite balls into the water and then stood back to watch what happened. For the next hour they had a fun fest. At first the two of them sat staring into the basin unsure what to do - particularly as that evil element water was involved. Wilf quickly learnt that he could stand at the side of the tub and grab the ball with his teeth but Digby found that it was much messier and infinitely more fun if he actually clambered into the basin to retrieve the ball. He started off hesitantly but after five minutes he was clambering in and out like a puppy. The 'font' and I took an hour out of the day to throw the ball backwards and forwards into the water roaring with laughter at their carefree antics and increasingly dishevelled appearance. Finally,even they tired of the game and two very wet but revitalised dogs clambered back to the house looking for something to eat.


kks said...

how cute! the boys are so darn cute and funny......
have a great week!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Love the last photo - with the paw prints. Isn't it amazing how the canines can entertain their humans?

Winchester whisperer said...

Do they eat ice?

Angus said...

kks- thank you and you.
rcsj- these two should go on the stage, they are natural entertainers
ww- yes,large amounts of it