Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The festivities continue.

We skipped the trip up to the village for last nights festvities prefering to stay at home and avoid the heat by eating out by the pool. There are just so many nights that you can go and eat pasta at trestle tables with two hundred 'close' friends while listening to highly amplified music at close quarters- put it down to advancing middle age. I stopped off in the village square to look at the adverts for the next few nights entertainment.Tonight a performance by one Emanuele Fideli is scheduled. From the scant information on the poster I think we can assume he plays the accordion. Tomorrow 'Roberto' and his energetic young friend with the trumpet take top billing while Friday night culminates with a performance by a 60's revival band with Latin influences ( what's the betting a few Abba numbers are thrown in for good measure?).
The two boyz are in fine fettle having discovered that the 'font' and I are locked inside with them during the heat of the afternoon. This has been interpreted as a not to be missed opportunity to play catch on the hard,cold stone floor in the hallway for extended periods of time ie until they both drop from happy exhaustion.
We are watching the weather forecasts closely and hoping that a big cold front that is sweeping in from the Atlantic will make its way to us across France and the mediterranean in the next 48 hours.


Noah the Airedale said...

Bonjourno amici...crikey did we spell that right lol.
The festival does sound like fun. How long does it go on for?
As good as it sounds dinner by the pool on a warm night sounds more our style. Enjoy.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

kks said...

i'm with you on having dinner with "200 of your closest friends".....hanging out at home in the A/C with the dogs sounds way more fun!