Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The morning after.

This being Italy the arrival of towering storm clouds did nothing to dampen the enjoyment of the crowds who had congregated in the village square to watch the shooting stars. A stage was erected in front of the church and entertainment (after a fashion) was provided by a number of locals. Any shortfall in talent was more than made up for by a surfeit of enthusiasm so that by two in the morning the valley was alive with the sound of balladic hits. Alas, karaoke and sound systems have become universal.
I'm off to London this morning so Wilf and Digby have had a quick march round the fields and a rather desultory 'splosh' game by the pool. This is the third morning in a row where there has been mist in the valley floor a sure sign that the seasons are rolling over with summer gently giving way to autumn.
The boyz are both in prime comic form. Will blog tomorrow when I get back.

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