Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Finding shade wherever and whenever you can.

It's still hot - very hot - but I can't help but feel that this is Summer using its last reserves of strength to go out in style. The air carries a presentiment that within a week the scorching temperatures will be nothing more than a distant memory. The morning walk with Wilf reinforced the growing view that the olive harvest that I'd high hopes for now looks as though it will be a disappointment - the continued unrelenting heat of the last few days has stunted the formation of fruit on the younger trees - while even the older ones are now looking tired.
We sat outside last night marvelling at the antics of Wilf and Digby as they attempted to chase lizards across the terrace. The boyz still can't get it into their heads that lizards can run up walls. They scurry round, noses to the ground, in an exuberant display of fruitless activity. Over a post midnight final glass of wine the 'font' wondered aloud whether we laughed nearly as much before the two boyz arrived .
It was 70's night at the village carnival last night. You knew it was 70's night because a lady with big,big gravity defying hair and a lot of makeup belted out a medley of Abba and Diana Ross songs - no one was asked to join in but everyone did. The evening ended with that really annoying modern song that contains the line ' are we human or are we dancer ?'. I thought it was dancers but the font informs me it is dancer which makes the question even more annoying in its pointlessness.
The man from the bar who always wears a string vest and black baggy shorts was there at the carnival dressed in well, string vest and black baggy shorts. I asked him what he'd come as and quick as a flash he replied 'Elvis'.Humour is still alive and kicking in Italy. I'm still chuckling this morning.


kks said...

your home looks so beautiful, don't you just love the antics of dogs.....never a dull moment!

Winchester whisperer said...

And what did you wear?

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Just one look at the boys conveys the message of the heat!!


Angus said...

kks - they are turbocharged bundles of mischief after being housebound in this heat

ww - why do you have to ask ? My Bay City Rollers outfit.

rcsj - rain has arrived in France - it should be with us in 2 or 3 days!

shane rocket said...

such goofballs....