Thursday, 6 August 2009

The aeronauta

Over breakfast we were all startled by a loud 'shhhhhh' noise that suddenly boomed out from the cloudless sky above us. The two boyz immediately went into defence mode racing round to the farm gate and barking at maximum decibels to let any intruder know that he had a fight on his hands. The noise was coming from the gas heater of a balloon that was enjoying the chance to get airborne in the still clear air after the recent storms - perfect ballooning weather. The gonfiarsi drifted slowly by at an altitude of about a hundred feet . The two boyz stood staring into the sky totally transfixed by this strange new sight. They followed it until it disappeared from view behind the tree line. There will be something for them to dream about later this morning.
A marvellous interview in this mornings FT with one of Sgr.Berlusconis scorned 'lady friends'. It contains a line saying that Italy is " a land where contacts and 'recommendations' often outweigh merit".


Winchester whisperer said...

It's hilarious to imagine SB stuck with his Austrian dominatrix whilst Putin's flesh appears on the front of every newspaper.

Angus said...

WW- the image from your blog of our PM diving into Lake Windermere has haunted me all day