Saturday, 15 August 2009

Alone with the boyz

The 'font' is away for a few days so yours truly and the two boyz have been left to fend for ourselves over the weekend. Recognizing my singular incompetence when it comes to cooking the 'font' has left prepared meals in the fridge and all that (theoretically ) needs to be done is to turn on the oven and set the timer. Wilf and Digby followed me into the kitchen last night and sat looking forlornly as I attempted to follow the set of simple instructions on the kitchen counter - in the process turning the haven of quiet culinary efficiency into a disaster zone. It didn't take Wilf long to recognize the full horror and enormity of what was happening and that the chances of scrounging anything edible were non-existent. The dejected look on his face said it all.
This morning we've all been out in the fields checking on the irrigation system and making sure that the water storage cisterns are full. The episcopal records in Orvieto show that a farm has been operating on our little hillside since the 13th century and probably for far longer. Somehow,this intense cultivation over the centuries of a pattern of small sheltered fields has enabled man and nature to find a balance and coexist quite happily. As I stood at the farmgate this morning with the boyz at my feet two eagles were circling overhead calling out with their muted little whistles - a call quite out of keeping with such a large and imperious bird - while flocks of swallows and house martins were wheeling and circling in the sky. At the next door farm the sheep were strolling out into the fields, bells tinkling, while the flocks of geese were argumentatively milling in the farmyard. You have a sense here in deepest rural Italy of of a nature 'self fed, self kindled, like the light' in which we are just a small transient part.
The two boyz have spent twenty minutes of quality time playing the mind numbingly repetitive 'splosh' game with me by the pool and are now settled down, happy and tired, under the shade of a pine tree for a couple of hours of contented rest.


Jake of Florida said...

We discovered you by accident. Since we are the Barkalot Boyz -- with a "z" -- we were intrigued to see that you too have embraced the "z" in talking about your two adorable boyz.

Your blog is indeed fascinating -- we scrolled down and read your musing on how the actual demographic who reads it is quite different from your original intent.

And yes -- readership goes up in proportion to the number of cute photos of said boyz!!

Come visit. We're mostly light-hearted -- but we enjoy reading and learning about other places and mores.

Wirey hellos!!

Jake and Just Harry -- two wire-haired fox terriers from South Florida -- and their mom.

(We were also intrigued by "the font" -- and how the name came to be.

Selba said...


It's our first time here... the boyz are really adorable! Love the pictures of them.

Adele, Vincent & Bella

Angus said...

Jake - Welcome. It's really interesting how people stumble across each others blogs and how blogs change.Its rather like an ever expanding but unknown group of friends.The one downside is I spend much less time keeping my written diary going. The 'font' is the 'font of all knowledge' who has been my source of strength for the last three decades.

Selba - Welcome.Hope to see and hear from you again.

Noah the Airedale said...

Wilf and Digby, you have the most adorable faces even if you are concerned about what is taking place in your kitchen.

Noah x

Asta said...

Hello Wilf and Digby
I'd like to intwodooce myself..I'm Asta, a Foxy tewwiew fwo NYCity..I think you two awe handsome and adowable and I'd like to be fwiends..I wish I lived whewe you is one of Mommi's favowitest places.
smoochie kisses

Angus said...

Noah - Wilf knows the word for sausage in at least twelve languages - which makes him a canine gourmand.He will be delirious when the kitchen reverts to standard.

Asta - Welcome to a guest from NYC.

shane rocket said...

ahhh boys i have missed you the last couple of days... and the "font" is as smart as my better half... i have your same affliction.*=*do not equal!