Sunday, 30 August 2009

Blogging and human kindness.

It was 22 degrees when we went out on our early morning inspection walk - at long last there were clouds this morning tantalisingly holding out the promise of much needed rain. Temperatures that would have graced a really good summers day in Scotland struck me, in the new incarnation here in the olive groves of Italy, as being decidedly chilly. Time to dig out the sweaters.
Digby seems to have bad cuts on the underside of his paws ( despite much thought we can't even begin to imagine where he got them) and lay stretched out immovable on the driveway while Wilf ambled alongside me exuding simple undiluted canine contentment. As top dog Wilf clearly feels that the morning walk justifies and reinforces his position in the pack.The two of them are now asleep under the table in the breakfast room.
You wouldn't know it from reading the blog but we've brought the boyz up in quite a Calvinist way. No getting on the furniture, no begging from the table, waiting until after we've finished eating before being fed and so on. Yesterday, as the 'fonts' car came down the road after three nights away the two of them sat by me watching in absolute, well mannered silence. Wilf did his very best to control his mounting excitement and sat stock still while the car approached, the luggage was unloaded and the font (after what must have seemed like an eternity) finally chose to appear at the garden gate. At that moment any pretence of having well trained dogs disappeared - Wilf let out a high pitched howl of delight ( the really loud embarassing sort that must make non dog owning neighbours think he is being tortured with a cattle prod ) and rose, as if propelled by a huge jet of compressed air, four feet in the air in an entirely natural tongue licking frenzy of welcome. The 'font' puts the warmth of the welcome down to a simple recognition by the boyz that the kitchen is once again in competent hands.
Discovered while reading a book on the Dark Ages that that the word Easter in English comes from the spring festival of the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre - whose name was sequestered by early Christian missionaries to Wessex.
The blog is coming up to its 500th post. What is really interesting to me looking at the daily comments is how decent and natural the internet has made us. In responses posted by people quite unknown to me,and frequently half a world away,there is a sense of trust,gentleness and kindness that seems to contradict a cynical world weary wariness .That's an outcome and response to technology I'd never have anticipated when the first post went up last Fall.


MAX said...

Oh I really enjoyed reading your blog this morning! You bring us right into your midst and share so openly. You certainly have a way with words that leaves me fuzzy and ready for my own day. Thank you for that.
Although I've not been following you for long, Congratulations are nevertheless extended to you. 500posts! Wow! You are admired1
Have a happy and wonderful day. Perhaps visit us again and check out the short(as in time of bloom)display of our wonderful spring succulents in this country!
Kind regards and licks to all the pooches.

MAX said...

Hi Angus
That plant you were talking about is a 'Protea' and yes, they are indeed beautiful. Generally they aren't rare, but perhaps they were taking you to see a particular species.Who knows?
Anyway, the area you were taken to is probably protected. There are a number of 'biospheres' here in SA with unique ecosystems and which host very specific plant life. The Cape is generally a mediterranean climate and sports the 'Vynbos' biosphere (please dont quote me:). Interestingly though, that particular one NEEDS fire, i.e. regular bush fires, in order to propagate and survive.
Don't we just live on a most facinating planet!
It's nice to chat to you. Do keep in touch. Love to 'the font' too...and lots of licks from

kks said...

i admire the fact that your dogs are so well trained.....i have to admit that my four are beggars, loungers on furniture and bed hogs! wouldn't have it any other way!
it is an interesting thing about is easier to be more frank with yourself and others that are halfway across the globe...i find it very comforting and thought provoking and sweet that readers have the insight they do!
have a great rest of the weekend!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

How wonderful that your dogs are so well trained. Ours would have been barking their heads off and wanting to be the first one to be touched. We're working on that though.

I was surprised when I started blogging about how much satisfaction it would bring me. There is something special about posting the pictures and the daily stories that is totally different from keeping a journal. Maybe it's that I don't post my most private thoughts out for the world to see. But I have met so many kind people along the way and you are certainly one of them.

Thank you for your daily blog. I truly enjoy it.


KB said...

I've found the same thing as you - blogging has drawn kind and gentle people to leave me comments. Like you, I didn't expect it!

Your dogs' reaction to the font's return sounds very familiar. In my house, the reason might be the same when my husband returns from a trip. He has the only kitchen competence in this family!

Angus said...

Max,kks,rcs&j,kb - you are all great commenters! Just to get something straight - our boyz have learnt certain rules like dropping the ball at the door whenever they come into the house but if you think they are well trained think again. Wilf was given that name because within two days of him arriving it was clear he was 100% wilful and very, very determined to be top dog. Digby got his name from his penchant for digging away in the garden if left unattended.Sorry to disappoint but paragons of canine virtue they aint. One day I'll tell the story of how Digby escaped from the grooming parlour and disappeared into the large church across the road.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

500 posts!! Congratulations! Most impressive. I am so happy to have found you. Yours is a favourite stop for me each day.