Friday, 7 August 2009

Memories of Scotland.

The pictures today are of the morning walk we used to do every day when we were in Scotland. They were probably two years old at the time. Looking at these beach shots I can't believe how closely cut the boyz coats were considering that even in August the morning temperatures on the east coast would be a miserly seven or so degrees and the afternoon 'heat' would struggle against the Atlantic weather patterns to rise into the high teens or low 20's. It would seem logical to have their coats as short here in Italy where 40 degree heat is the norm but the sun is so strong that they would very quickly suffer from burns. The only alternative (short of keeping them indoors from sunrise to sunset which would not go down well ) is frequent trimming and long grooming periods to keep their double coats working properly.

Over dinner last night a long time German friend who is now horribly senior in the foreign service in Berlin told an interesting story about the former British PM Tony Blair. Describing to the then German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder the reasons for voting with the US on an Iraq war resolution at the United Nations Mr.Blair waxed lyrical about the rapport he had with Mr.Bush and the special relationship between Britain and its closest friend and ally the United States.Herr Schroeder listened and then turned to one of his colleagues and said " Special relationship ? So special only the English know it exists ". A piquant comment,perhaps, on how Bush played Blair?