Thursday, 9 July 2009

Ready for the new day

Another day, another set of adventures. Wilf and Digby greeted the new day with whoops of joy as they charged down the track to the village. I always used to think that a dogs repertoire of noises was restricted to barking. Not these two. Wilf who used to be the strong, silent type has belatedly joined his little brother in making all sorts of breathless squeaking noises when he gets excited.These vary in pitch and intensity depending on just how overwraught with delight he is. Discovery of a lizard occassions a mid level squeak, chasing a rabbit produces a combination of rumblings and squeaks, and greeting us on our return from a trip generates a cacophony of noises that make it sound as if he is being tortured with cattle prods. It goes without saying that Polish Lowland Sheepdogs don't make good hunting dogs - any prey can hear them coming a mile off.
I trimmed their hair again yesterday. Their ears were dragging in the water bowl when they drank so action was long overdue. We have now come to some form of human - canine agreement over grooming. In return for standing still for 2 minutes they will receive a hide chew - it seems to work well, even if it does mean that their grooming occurs 'little and often'.

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shane rocket said...

it took me a day to absorb the last post. I am SO glad you are still with us. I do not know you but i can tell you are "good". people who care this much for their dogs are "good" in my eyes. I am also VERY glad the jerks who did that to you all did not hurt the boys... people with-out heart for other humans usually hurt animals with-out care... crap Wilf give this girl a heart attack... hope your back heals... take care!!!