Monday, 6 July 2009

In the dog house.

The two boyz have been shut up in their dog pen for the last half an hour. This should enable the electricians to get on with their work without constant interruptions by two fluffy visitors demanding that they stop everything and throw the ball. From the look on the boyz faces you would think that the end of the world had come and that their incarceration was going to last forever. Wilf sits by the gate peering out looking forlorn ( and boy does he do the forlorn look well ) but Digby has found a special hideaway in a niche in the old Roman wall where he can sit and sleep.
The font of all knowledge has returned from France raving about the cleanliness and efficiency of the railway system. From Paris airport to the Loire took less than two hours on a high speed TGV with an eight minute connector into the heart of Tours on a local shuttle . Even the small train was as luxurious as an Italian express but unlike Italian trains spotlessly clean. No grafitti, no one putting their feet up on the seats, airconditioning that works, no smoking - in other words an integrated transport system that works at prices that make sense. We'll never hire a car at the airport again. Interestingly the hotel in Tours was absolutely deserted - even though it was July 4th and usually full of visiting North Americans. The room rate was cut from €350 to €120 and a touch of haggling could have probably bettered even that discount! Am I the only one thinking that there's something not quite right with the economy despite government assurances that things are getting better?

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The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

cute pics of pathetic dogs--hahaha!!! we don't have trains here..