Friday, 6 February 2009

Two Polish Lowland Sheepdogs and the angry policeman

London has been hit by heavy snow again. The first flight out from Heathrow to Rome was delayed by nearly two hours and the next one was cancelled. I should be thankful I made it out yesterday.

Driving into town today I was flagged down by the carabinieri at a check point for a routine insurance check. After pulling over I unbuckled my belt and lowered the window - this drove the policeman mad. He shouted at the top of his lungs and banged his fist full force on the roof to let me know that I was not to undo my seatbelt before he had instructed me to do so ! The thumping on the roof and the screaming got the boyz barking wildly in the back of the car which didn't relieve the tension.

The police are usually quite polite but I guess there are bad apples in every barrel. Was thankful he didn't use force and pull me out of the car . Nonetheless quite upset by the display of raw anger- not what you would find in France or the UK.Thankfully the documentation was in order and the car recently serviced so he wasn't able to vent his spleen on me for more than ten minutes. After driving off I spoke to my lawyer in Rome on the telephone and he advised me that the best thing when pulled over here is simply keep as still and quiet as possible - the concept of citizens rights is not recognized here.

Washed the boys when I got home and they are now their once a month sparkling white which will last for all of 24 hours.

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