Saturday, 21 February 2009

An incident on the Swissair flight

Got home late last night after a long delay on the flight from Zurich. The Swissair Airbus to Rome was just about to takeoff when a young man from the back of the plane came running and screaming down the aisle towards the cockpit followed by a second very large young man who seemed to be trying to wrestle him to the ground. As we all sat there wondering whether or not it was a hijacking ,the first young man collapsed backwards with a large thud onto the floor of the galley.Eventually,the plane rolled back to the gate and the first unconscious young man was taken off to hospital by a team of very efficient paramedics. It seems that the second young man was a friend of his who had been alarmed by his increasingly erratic behaviour while the plane was preparing for takeoff. The crew told me when we eventually got to Rome that this was not an isolated occurrence and that 'bad acid ' is a common cause of extreme paranoia.
Made it home at midnight. There was only one major accident on the motorway from the airport which caused a mere twenty minute tail back. Boyz were of course delighted to have the family reunited. This morning after a healthy walk they have been loaded into the back of the car in readiness for a trip to the local village.

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