Saturday, 7 February 2009

Two Polish Lowland Sheepdog brothers sheltering from a thunderstorm.

It has suddenly started to pour with rain here in Umbria - heavy, continuous, and unrelenting. What started out as a perfect day changed at lunchtime when a front blew in from Tuscany. The man in the fresh pasta shop was almost depressive about the weather - the wettest winter in fifty years according to his father! The boyz are full of vim and vigour and are itching to get outside and into the puddles. When it eases off a bit I'll walk them up the hill and then spend twenty minutes toweling them dry.

The peculiar Amanda Knox murder case is underway in Perugia - I really can't make head nor tail of it. Is it possible that the prosecutions claims of satanic rituals and drug enduced sex games will stand up to cross examination?

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