Monday, 23 February 2009

The road repair team arrive after I've filled the potholes

Yesterday I wheeled ten barrow loads of gravel down the dirt road that leads to the house to fill up some of the pot holes that had opened up in the recent rains. It was back breaking work. Today on my way back from town I was in a self congratulatory mood - the road was as smooth as silk and the car glided along without the usual shudders and shakes. Sadly, this turnaround was not due to my road repairing skills. While I was out the commune workmen had come along with three large truck loads of sand and stone and repaired the entire road. I'd been asking for it to be done for three months and had resigned myself to the fact that they would never show up. What perfect timing! Wilf had a fun time coming out with me to inspect the handiwork.

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