Monday, 2 February 2009

Wilf failing to share the new toy with his brother.

British Airways say on their website tonight that flights should be getting back to normal tomorrow. Nothing left Heathrow for Rome today because of the snow which closed the airport. Whatever,I've checked myself in on-line , resigned myself in advance to long delays and will take a book to read in the lounge. The weather here has been changeable after the glories of yesterday - late this afternoon the clouds started to build up and have now covered most of the sky.

On the motorway to the shops this morning I saw three motorists reading their papers while driving at high speed. One of them in a very fancy Audi had the paper out over the wheel, the mobile phone to one ear and was steering with a cigarette between his fingers with the remaining 'free hand'. Perhaps after I've been here ten years my northern sense of order will evaporate and I won't find Italian driving infuriating.

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