Sunday, 1 February 2009

Walnut trees and parched soil.

The first of a February and the soil is already drying out - this sudden onset of sustained sunshine after a long cold and wet patch and the countryside is shaking off winter and moving into spring. The new trees we planted in October are already coming into bud. I think it's a false dawn. After a glorious early taste of spring we usually get a few days of atrocious weather before the year turns on its axis and the new season finally segues into place. I'll put money on the fact that when I'm in London this week we'll have a sudden and unexpected reversion to arctic conditions. Always happens when I'm away which makes me popular !
There are a couple of walnut trees down the drive. I'm thinking of planting more outside the kitchen to provide shade for the summer. In the winter they have a marvellous rambling architectural look to them. Believe it or not we had one in the garden in Scotland but it was never warm enough for them to bear fruit.

Am told that London is in the grip of polar conditions with snow and sub sub zero temperatures. Why would I ever complain about the weather in Italy?

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