Friday, 9 October 2009

Canine helpers.

With the packing team reduced to just me (aided by the inefficient but extremely enthusiastic input of the two boyz) progress on crating up has fallen a little behind schedule. Nothing daunted we are up bright and early this morning armed with wrapping tape, rubbish sacks and a Stanley knife. It is now the turn of the paint and tool cupboard to face the weeding out process and after that if time allows the broom cupboard.

Yesterday evening I stripped the sheets and duvets off all the guest beds, a tedious process that Digby being Digby thoroughly enjoyed . Every time a crumpled sheet or duvet hit the floor he was there, gleefully leaping onto the pile, his little face beaming with delight,rump wagging away, mind and body fully engaged in some mysterious canine nest building routine. Finally, as the laundry pile turned into a laundry mountain he could be found perched, serenely, on top of it. Pure,unadulterated,mischevious dog and such marvellous company!.

I didn't notice it last night but this morning the whole place has quite a different feeling.Not only do the guest rooms look strangely barren without bed linens but somehow the sight of uncovered matresses brings home the fact that bit by bit the family home is turning into just another house. Looking back at the blog I see that it was on April 9th, six months ago exactly that our love affair with Italy came to a grinding,random halt - a natural time in the greater scheme of things to move onto new adventures. But goodness me with hindsight what a hectic six months, deciding to move, advertising the house, selling to the first person who came to see it, chosing a new home, and now the fun of packing.Still to come the fun of unpacking!

We shall have to decide on a new blog name as 'Life in Italy' will be redundant within a week. Wilf has spent much of the morning so far contentedly finding and depositing balls at the front door so maybe it should be entitled ' The ball games continue?'.


MAX said...

I hardly ever ponder on what to say in a blog comment...usually it is the first things that hits me.

Well the first thing that hit me today was that beautiful black and robust nose of one of your boyz (Wilf?) and then I just floated.

Perhaps its the aura of 'shutting doors' and finality (albeit with a hint of excitement) that simply put me in 'musing' mode. But the finality was so prevalent when you spoke about changing the blog name...oh dear!

Why not simply call it "LIFE & OTHER MUSINGS" to give it some immortality (and therefor some sense of security- for your blogging mates!)

Whatever you do, don't go saying Goodbye!!!

Your friends in South Africa

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

I had been wondering about a new blog name. Or wondering if you'd start a new one altogether with the new move.

I had to chuckle at Digby's laundry capers - so childlike!! Wilf is making sure none of his balls get left behind.

Hope you get a lot done today - you sound like a man with a plan.


KB said...

I love Digby's approach to your piles of sheets! What a perfect place for a nest. Our mischievous R likes to unpack bags as I pack them. If I leave the room forgetting to close the bag before I go, the items are strewn all over the room when I return. Not very helpful! I like Digby's approach better.

I loved yesterday's post. It sounded like an eerily sad place.

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Moving is ruff.
Sally Ann