Friday, 2 October 2009

A squirrel up an olive tree

This morning while I was checking on the irrigation system a squirrel wandered through the open gate into the courtyard, climbed an olive tree, clambered back down and then sauntered out - disdainfully ignoring the presence of the two boyz . Wilf and Digby pride themselves on their squirrel chasing skills but exhausted after their morning walk they managed to sleep soundly through the squirrels arrival and departure. It is only now, half an hour after the critter left that the re-energized brothers have woken up to the fact that we have had a visitor. The two of them are sitting under the tree, noses in the air, sniffing the wind and staring at the spot where the long tailed interloper sat. Occasionally,Wilf lets out one of his ridiculous high pitched chihuahua whines denoting extreme frustration. So far they have shuffled through a 90 degree arc around the base of the tree and within an hour they should have completed a full 360 degree turn. Why watch Letterman when you have home grown comedians? They'll eventually come in for lunch.


Abbey said...

The second pictures is perfect... they are so well groomed, is it alot of work?.. we just finished a walk where Chels spotted Kangaroos, Shiloh got all excited, trouble was it was long after theyd gone...

I just read in the profile these are sheepdogs... amazing... they are totally unlike Australian Kelpies or Heelers :)

KB said...

I love the photo from the back. The boyz are so politely obsessed with where the squirrel was!

I hope that all the cleaning out of old stuff isn't too painful! I hate the process but usually like the result. However, I do have clothes that I haven't worn in years... I'm not letting anyone from my house read your blog - they might get ideas!

1000 Goldens said...

You are simply adorable - I hope one day to see a dog of your breed in person :)

MAX said...

Beautiful pictures of the boyz, Angus. Must have been really funny!
Hope the packing is going well.
Max's Mom in SA
(ps TOFFEE was back at the Vet - latest post - but ok!)