Friday, 2 October 2009

Play mode engaged.

The two boyz were at their most boisterous this morning , not so much walking beside me as dancing along the farm track. Their obvious happiness may well be something to do with the cooler weather - a huge relief if you go around in a double layer fur coat every day. You'll see from this mornings pictures that play mode has been firmly engaged. After a week of glorious sunshine this morning brings with it the first hard hint of winter with dew on the ground and the metal farm gate cold to the touch . Yes, it is also the first day since mid-April that I've had to put on a sweater.

Why is throwing out clothes so difficult? The 'font' has issued an edict that anything I haven't worn in the last two years is not going to the new house The original edict was to throw out anything I'd not worn in the last twelve months but it was graciously agreed that this was too draconian. Yesterday evening was therefore spent with me defending the retention of a variety of clothes that I'm quite sure I'll fit into again one day. The font rather cruelly pointed out that I'd either have to contract a rare wasting disease or give up chocolate and wine (together!) if waist band and waist were ever to exist in harmony. Faced with that choice out went a rather dashing Prince of Wales check from Edinburgh ( fine when bought but really more suitable for a younger figure I was told ), a dinner jacket, and a variety of comfortable ( in 'font' terms shabby ) office suits together with a surprisingly large pile of jumpers and sweaters ( what's the difference?) that have skulked at the back of the wardrobe since we arrived here four years ago.

My task for today is to clear out the pool house and cellar. To that end I've been issued with a roll of twenty large heavy duty rubbish sacks.The boyz and I have a fun filled morning ahead of us. Who knows what might lurk in the cellar after lying undisturbed for four years? The more malodorous it is the more Wilf and Digby will enjoy it.


MAX said...

Your tug-of-war clothes game is very funny indeed! How it echoes the jousting in this house! will feel MUCH lighter with the downsize!
Max's mom in SA

kks said...

i have clothes that i'm sure i will wear again too! :) it is funny that the font cares whether you keep them or not....i can just picture you coming out with something on, pleading your case as to why you should keep it....:)
why is it so hard to part with some things....?
hope you don't find anything too scary in the pool house..

Angus said...

Max - It may seem funny but it hides a deadly 'font' purpose , to try to make me look vaguely fashionable. Nothing is going to make me get rid of my Namibia safari hat - that's stays no matter what.

KKS - the 'font' sees the move as the perfect excuse to get rid of all those things in my wardrobe that are horribly embarrasing. Style is going to replace comfort when we move to France!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I took on that dreaded task myself just two days ago. Living in an old house as I do, with limited closet space, I am fairly ruthless when it comes to the "wear it or lose it" method of closet cleaning. Of course, it also means one has more room for new stuff!!

Abbey said...

Oh I dont envy you.. I can hanndle packing to go but its the unpacking at the other end... I seem to loose my mojo by then.

Is it hard to move with dogs?, we have incredibly tight regulations here with dogs coming in or out with long quarantine periods

Winchester whisperer said...

The pool man may be interested in the POW check?

Angus said...

PT&E - Dreaded is right. Angus junior bought me some cargo pants which are great for carrying monket wrenches and bits of string. I fear they will not be joining me in France.

Abbey - Thankfully if the dog is 'chipped' then you can travel anywheer in the European Union with a pet passport.

WW- I am increaingly alarmed that you would refer again to Orlandoni - suffice it so say a PoW check is staid in comparison with his harlequin outfits.

shane rocket said...

it is always easier to throw stuff away when you think you are going to have to move it.... give the boys hugs!! :)