Sunday, 4 October 2009

Reunited with old friends.

We are being blessed with the most perfect weather. 30 degrees during the day, low teens at night, not a cloud in the sky and clear, unpolluted air that enables us to see forever. Italy wants us to leave remembering her at her very best.

Now that we're in the final two weeks before the move the local tradesmen have started to come to the house to bid a formal goodbye. Yesterday morning the builder brought his son and 6 month old grandson along to thank us for always being so grateful for the work he'd done. In the afternoon it was the joiner and his son who arrived on the doorstep to thank us in exactly the same terms. How heart warming. There is something charming about Italy and ( most of ) the Italians that sets them apart - old style courtesy and pride in their craftsmanship remains the norm. I fear an emotional departure is on the cards by the time the neighbouring farmers come to say farewell.

Wilf and Digby have of course thrived on the stream of people coming through the door. For them it is an excuse to find innocents who are willing to throw the ball, and throw the ball, and .... . In the process of clearing out the house, old toys that had been carefully hidden have come to light. For Wilf there is nothing like being reunited with an old heavily chewed friend.

It was shoe clearing out time this morning. Left unsupervised the 'font' would have retained a world class collection of footware but the two year rule was applied and four large garbage sacks of boots, sandals,babouches and espadrilles have gone to the skip.


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

I love the old world ways - it's a lot like that where we live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

So did the "font" make you trash the Westie tie?

Have a blessed day.


Angus said...

RCSJ - No - the 'Westie ' will be photographed and blogged next week.