Thursday, 1 October 2009

Two grumpy old colonels.

Goodness only knows what had been wandering through the fields last night but whatever it was fired up the boyz pretty quickly. They were off at high speed, noses down, rumps high, zigzaging across the olive groves at high speed. I reckon for every yard I covered they covered at least eight. Even Digby with his sore hip was springing and leaping like a puppy. After half an hour of intense activity they are now stretched out at the front door in a deep,deep sleep. A concentrated grooming session to get the assorted seeds and mud out of their hair will be needed later today.

It was decidedly chilly this morning - the thermometer was registering 14 degrees - the coldest it's been in six months. Sometime next week the sweaters are going to have to come out.

The 'font' returned from London last night. We were so busy talking and laughing that the boyz decided to take themselves off to bed. As they went up the steps Digby ,who was decidedly miffed at the lack of attention, turned and gave us his best 'see if I care' look. Sometimes it's like living with two grumpy old colonels.

Two weeks today and we'll be on our way. The 'font' has drawn up a schedule of what needs to be done. I feel the cold hand of panic wrenching at my stomach. Surely there must be at least another six weeks in which to get everything packed, labelled and moved?


Abbey said...

I smiled at their antics tonight, mine say more with a look than my kids do!

For a new reader, where are you off too??

kks said...

so funny about the grumpy colonels....i can just imagine the look!
deadlines are difficult, esp when your packing and moving a whole house...i feel for you!

Angus said...

Abbey - You're right - with one look dogs can say a whole lot! We're off to France.

KKS - Believe me nothing will ever make me move again. They'll have to carry me out of the next house.

MAX said...

Hey there Angus
A lovely post again today! Thank you. Somehow our dogs always provide the stability & calming influence in our busy lives (despite their antics!)
Your pseudonym for your partner is really funny...I keep thinking of her as 'ARIAL'. You never know...maybe I'm correct. (Just a trivial comment:)
Anyway, we are looking forward to the great revelation of where your destination is. What a mystery!
...and thanks for the reply about 'CAVALIER'. My hubby has suggested that it is probably the aloofness of those decked out French/spanish horsemen that contributed to the image and the word.
Have a wonderful day
Max's mom in SA

KB said...

I love the title! I also loved yesterday's post about Digby's private moment. I have a similar ritual with one of mine, but the younger rambunctious one is starting to notice so it might not be so private anymore!

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

ha! wonder what it was!