Sunday, 11 October 2009

Now comes the hard part.

We have finally run out of packing cases.Today is therefore a day for relaxing and taking stock before the storm breaks tomorrow morning when the removal team arrive from Rome. I thought we had downsized to a simpler lifestyle after leaving Scotland but the slimmed down version will still take four guys, four days to box up. The boyz are still unaware of the change that is rapidly approaching - they will be getting a lot of attention and reassurance in the coming week. In the meantime they are chilling in the courtyard.

Tonight we have a farewell dinner at the slow food restaurant in the village with our lovely American/South African neighbours. It's one of the joys of life that you can unexpectedly meet and make new friends .These people were so caring and kind after the 'late unpleasantness' that we want to work at keeping them in the close family circle. It is all too easy to let friends become acquaintances.Parting will be a little sad but France is only twelve hours down the autostrada.

Our other duty today is harder, the funeral of a young Carabinieri sergeant. He was gunned down and killed and two of his colleagues wounded in a shoot out with a car thief. They had all been to the house three our four times after the burglary and had been most concerned and solicitous about our welfare. We never came across violence until recently and now it seems to have become a background to life in Italy. The 'font' has written a letter of condolence to the wife and family which we will deliver to the cathedral. Funerals generally take place within 24 hours here and I am steeling myself for an event of great emotion. Isn't it strange how Europeans view America as a land of violence yet our American friends don't need state of the art security systems.


Noah the Airedale said...

I'm sure you'll miss your friends. I hope you stay in touch. Good luck with the move.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

MAX said...

Good luck with the move tomorrow and with everything that happens in the next 24 hours. Give the doggies a hug from us too.
(Nobody seems immune to the ever encroaching violence surrounding us. One can easily get swamped into emotional oblivion by it.)

kks said...

so sad about the have certainly "paid your dues" when it comes to jaw still drops when i read about the robbery....just so glad no one was seriously injured......hope your move brings more peace and serenity your way....
very cute pictures of the dogs....funny how dogs are so long as they are with those that love them...

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

I'm afraid you have an emotional roller-coaster ahead of you for the next few weeks. Moving is so bittersweet. It is so exciting to move to a new home, but human heartstrings want to tug one back to the loved and familiar.

Such a shame about the young sergeant. Violence is an undercurrent in every society. We would all like to believe we lived in Shangri-La but unfortunately that is rarely the case. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Rest if you get a chance today - you need to charge your batteries up for the weeks ahead.

Audrey the Photographer Dog said...

I hope everything goes smoothly with the move and that there are only good things ahead!

KB said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the police officer - what a terrible, unspeakable thing.

Our dogs always seem ready to take things as they come, just along as we make it obvious that they're staying with us, not being left behind. I'm sure that your dogs know seem to be such a caring guardian for them.

Angus said...

To all of you thank you so much for your kind comments.

Noah - sometimes neighbours do become good friends - was that a Kylie song?.

Max - Wilf and Digby delighted to recive hugs.

KKS - The boyz are going to have to be super-adaptable over the next two weeks. Having said that they'll be with us 24/7.

RCSJ - Having just come back from the funeral a stiff drink is needed more than a rest. Buttoned up it wasn't!

Audrey - Love your photos and thank you.

KB - I think they are just beginning to get suspicious. You're right all they want to know is that they're not going to be left behind - just like a toddler.

shane rocket said...

sad, hoping you the strength to get through this.

i live in the "rough" part of town and have not experienced what you have, and my fingers and toes are crossed that you never will again!

hugs to the boys...