Friday, 19 December 2008

Back from the kennels and in need of a bath and a grooming

Picked the boyz up from the kennels this morning after our quick trip back to the UK. They love going to the kennels ( which makes leaving them there relatively easy both logistically and emotionally ) but after three nights away the attraction of fresh scents and new companions seems to wane and they are keen to get home to their old routine. I have a feeling that by the third day the lady who runs the kennels is also quite keen to say goodbye to two stir crazy bundles of energy.

Together with a good vet, a clean,safe kennels makes an owners life much easier. We are extremely fortunate in having been introduced to a marvellous local lady who loves dogs and who has 20 pens each with their own grassed play area. She also has 10 hectares of fenced olive groves and the boyz are let our first thing in the morning to tear around to their hearts content. After an emotional reunion and excited journey home they have now settled back into their daily routine and after a quick bath and combing are sitting exhausted out in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

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