Saturday, 20 December 2008

Polish Lowland Sheepdogs in the wild.

Beautiful weather here. Sat outside in the sun for lunch. Since our return we have been happily walking around in shirtsleeves while the locals will only venture out dressed up for arctic conditions with bobble hats,scarves, padded jackets and gloves. When we went into town at lunchtime today the lady in the dry cleaners gave us a look that seemed to imply we were certifiable.

Every month the bank here sends me a letter saying that they have charged me one Euro for the privilege of Internet banking. The postage costs the bank 60 cents. Every month I go into the bank and say that I can't access their system and that the charge should be dropped. They agree. The following month the bank sends me a letter saying they have charged me one Euro for the privilege on internet banking. I go into the bank and say that I can't access the system etc.etc . After 36 months it becomes surreal.

Have spoken to Fortnum and Masons in London thirteen times this week asking when our Christmas cake and mince pies and all those other Christmas essentials that can't be found in Italy will be delivered. Have had thirteen different answers including the completely off the wall statement that they had been delivered two weeks ago - turns out it was another customer altogether. I'm beginning to realise that the farming out of customer services to external call centres benefits the retailer but not the customer. After talking to a director who guaranteed (twice) that the parcel would be with me yesterday a young man telephoned this morning to say the package is in Italy and will be delivered on Tuesday. Why am I not convinced? In 2006 the order placed in October was delivered in January. Watch this space. Is it a sign of ageing when absolutely standard purchases seem to require a disproportionate amount of effort to complete ?

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