Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Digby discovers edible Christmas cards

What will people think of next? The boyz have each been sent an edible Christmas card which they are contentedly demolishing on the lawn. Wilf has jaws that can power through anything and managed to finish his off within ten minutes. Digby by contrast is an altogether gentler soul and the card has kept his attention for more than half and hour and he's still gnawing at it.Why you may wonder are they having a Christmas treat today? This mornings walk turned out to be a journey into thick mud with the boyz undercarriages emerging coated in gelatinous ooze from front to back. The cards were handed out as a treat after the pups had to suffer a bath and a grooming in order to return them to something approaching a recognizable state. The drier is now working at full power with a load of towels.
I know nothing about Portugese music - indeed I know little about Portugal having only been to Lisbon once. However, last night we heard the most enchanting piece of organ music 'Glosas sobre el canto llano de la Immaculada Concepcion' by Francisco Correa de Arauxo. I would guess that it's sixteenth century but could be quite wrong. It has an exuberance and vivacity that is quite alien to anyone brought up in the Presbyterian tradition. One of the great joys of living in Europe is that new canons of experience and discovery are just there for the asking.
The most important Christmas task is now accomplished - the buying of the wine and champagne. This year we are trying the rose and brut made by Cantina Novelli. This is the first year they have branched out into the field and I shall try a bottle at the first opportunity. This morning I asked the manager if they had installed a new line for the sparkling wines.He said that they ship the freshly pressed juice to a vineyard in Alsace who then bottle and ferment it before transporting it back.

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