Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Orvieto was humming

Orvieto was crowded with Italian visitors enjoying the bright weather after the recent snow. Didn't hear any foreign accents apart from a couple of college kids from California. I love this town. You walk through all these twisting medieval streets and then there rising up majestically in front of you is the cathedral. On a morning like this it positively glows in the winter sunshine. To a northerner its highly decorated exterior is about as exotic as architecture in mainland Europe can be. There is an excellent restaurant right in front of the cathedral called Giglio d'Oro. Over a relaxed lunch you can watch the priests, nuns and assorted worshipers rushing in for a service. Good food and even better people watching. Orvieto's problem is that so few people take the time to get to know it. The town is on the A1 highway from Rome and also on the high speed train line. As a result it tends to get day visitors spending three or four hours seeing the duomo en route for another destination.

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