Wednesday, 10 December 2008

An early morning walk in a very wet Rome

I had hoped to go to St.Paul's without the Walls this morning as part of my trip down to Rome. Sadly,it was not to be. After a beautiful cloudless night in which Rome sparkled with its pre-Christmas finery, the morning dawned with a torrential downpour. Between the cloudbursts I was able to visit Michelangelo's S.Maria degli Angeli squeezed into the caldarium of the Baths of Diocletian and the unusual little church of San Bernardo alle Terme which survives intact,like a miniature Pantheon,in what was an entry roundel of the original roman edifice ( at the other end of the street there is a matching structure, which is now a fast food restaurant , largely subsumed into a non-descript apartment building). Navigating the rain filled pot holes on my way back to the hotel I came across a marvellous little atelier deep in a hidden courtyard. It still makes busts out of the local clay as the family that runs it has done for centuries.

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