Monday, 12 October 2009

Four days to go.

Chaos and panic are the watchwords for today and I fear it can only get worse.The 'font',who has suddenly gone into hyper mode, has just asked me where I've hung the clothes we are going to wear for our journey to France. Put simply I haven't thought about clothes for the journey and have left everything in the wardrobes and dressers for the movers to pack. Diplomacy being my middle name I have not alluded to this fact . Rather than make an already fraught situation worse I shall instead demonstrate a cool, calm demeanour and try to extricate whatever clothing can be rescued from the super efficient packers. I just hope I've not left it too late !

For the rest of the day I think that Messrs.Wilf and Digby together with yours truly will need to find some quiet corner where we are well away from the organized chaos that has settled on our little piece of paradise.

Thank you for all your kind comments over the weekend. The traumas of moving have clearly struck a chord. The new blog address when we move to France will be . I tried 'Life and other musings' and all sorts of philosophical twists thereon but the names were all taken.

The two boyz don't seem to have understood that the gang of men wandering around the house and grounds are packers. Wilf has been greeting everyone in sight with a ball in his mouth - he has the firm belief that he has found a group of new ball throwing playmates.Long may it last!


opakowana said...

DH and I moved 14 times in 8 years,we were minimalist -> if it doesn't fit in the car it ain't going...then we stayed in one house for 2 we have lived in the same one for 23 years...I have a tehory, which has a lot of followers - the longer you stay in one house the more it shrinks.

Unpacking is as stressful as packing, but at least you are over the crest ;)

Hope you find the clothes...if not, run for the hills, sorry - for the shops! :))

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

I hope you find the clothing - the same thing happened at our last move - I had put the clothes in a special place - the movers found the special place and packed them. Needless to say I had to shop before traveling.

Hope Wilf and Digby find some playmates - I have already become a follower on your new site.

Good luck today and b-r-e-a-t-h-e


MAX said...

Off to naturelle :)

Yep...we are also new followers of the new site...yay!

Lots of good wishes from
your pals in SOUTH AFRICA!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Four days! Wow. Thinking good thoughts for you and the boys. I'll change the blog name on my blog roll!! All the best!

bathmate said...

very good posting. i liked it. :-)