Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Another earthquake

After the big earthquake in Aquila four months ago everything has thankfully been quiet - until last night when there was a huge tremor and aftershock just as we had turned in for the night. On the radio this morning it said it was a 6 on the richter scale and again is thought to have had its epicentre in Aquila - about 80 kilometres south of here. There was a rumble like an express train passing close by and then the whole house juddered sharply. Wilf who usually is aware of the tremors a good ten seconds before we are was just settling down in his bed when it occured - so he was as shocked as the rest of us. Thankfully, no damage was done either to us or the poor folks in Aquila.

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shane rocket said...

BE CAREFUL.... hope the boys and their people are ok!!!?