Monday, 15 June 2009

Where have all the tourists gone?

The mole scarer seems to be doing its job - still no telltale signs of our little furry friends. At the bar to pick up the papers by six this morning. It was already twenty five degrees and giving every indication of being another scorcher. The two boyz gamely went outside for half an hour at first light but have sensibly decided to opt for a lazy day and have now hunkered down in a cool spot under a copse of pine trees in the fields. No wonder the 50% rations diet isn't having any impact - in this heat neither dogs nor humans want to do much exercise.

Talk amongst the locals in the bar again centred on the lack of foreign visitors. The local pizza restaurant owner has built a new terrace with unspoilt views overlooking Todi - last night he had just one table booked, and that was for locals. It seems as though Europeans have opted to either stay at home this year or will book their holidays at the last moment. With gas up at €1.30 a litre again touring holidays in the car are quite an expensive option for the Swedes and Germans who have to drive a thousand miles just to get here.


Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures said...

We had originally planned a holiday in Italy this year, but unfortunately this year with the economic downturn, we are putting it on hold.

I so enjoy your pictures and look forward to seeing them every day.


Mason Dixie said...

Hey there guys sorry I have not been around in a while, with all my computer problems and such I am so far behind and still trying to play catch up. Good to see you though. =)