Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Back from London

I went to London for a quick visit on Monday lunchtime and flew back yesterday afternoon.From the delighted reaction of the two boyz when I got home you would have thought I'd been away for a month not 24 hours! No sooner had I walked into the house than Wilf appeared with a ball in his mouth ready for a game. The two of them were so fired up with joy that we played ball on the soft grass of the courtyard for thirty minutes solid .
Sheepdogs are so incredibly family orientated. If one of us is travelling Wilf seems to feel that he has managed to lose part of his flock. He shows his unhappiness by not sleeping well and by sitting at the gate for hours on end looking out along the road for the car coming down the hill. How he can tell with absolute certainty which car is ours, as opposed to the vehicles owned by the local farmers, is one of those recurring canine mysteries.


Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures said...

We always rest bad when one of our peeps is gone - and we are always giving a false alarm to the other one!! We want all of our family to be together.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

shane rocket said...

how intently he stares at that ball. cute. like it is going to move or something? :)