Monday, 8 June 2009

Another restless night

We were up again with Digby and his upset tummy in the early hours of the morning. The poor little thing was moaning away through the night and eventually scratched at the front door to be let out. Surprisingly, Wilf has shown no signs of discomfort or reaction to the shots at all. If I can only think of a way of missing the rabies shots next year while maintaining the pet passports.
The weather this morning is glorious, so the two boyz have had a morning walk and are now settling down under the pine trees for a morning of inactivity. It's eight thirty local time and already the mercury is showing 24 degrees. We have decided to use the good weather to touch up the paintwork on the house . It is now beginning to look a little battered and faded after a year of extreme temperatures. All the paint brushes seem to have disappeared so there was an early morning drive into town to the local hardware store with the requisite halt at the local bar to catch up on all the news. On our way back from the bar we were stopped twice. Firstly, by an old retired sea captain who has a house in the village. He gave us two kilos of gloriously red freshly picked cherries - they taste simply wonderful when they've just come off the tree. Then we were flagged down by the local farmers wife who had been collecting the eggs from her hens - we now have four fresh eggs to have for breakfast.

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Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

You have us drooling - fresh picked cherries and freshly laid eggs.

Hope Digby's upset tummy is getting better. We didn't know pets had to have passports. Even though our parents travel overseas, they have never tried to take any of us with them - we get Miss Donna coming by 3 times a day when they are gone.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java