Sunday, 21 June 2009

Pool dogs

This mornings topic of discussion in the village bar centred round the latest sleaze allegations to hit Italys Prime Minister . These alleged activities are carried in lurid detail in todays Sunday papers and caused much chuckling and ribaldry from the espresso downing crowd of locals. From what I understand, after a series of mini scandals involving parties attended by teenage models and other "beautiful girls" (as the Italian press delicately phrases it) Mr.Berlusconi is now alleged to have paid a "former model and showgirl"( another marvelous Italian euphemism ) to attend a party at his Rome palazzo on the night of the US elections. The young lady in question is now claiming she spent the night there and that he promised to help her build a hotel in Bari in return for certain 'favours'. Nothing came of this promise, although the 'favours' were granted and the spurned real estate wannabee is now providing Corriera della Sera with some tantalising insights into Mr.Berlusconis private life. The most interesting revelation is that 'she ate pizza , drank champagne and watched videos of Mr.Berlusconi's meeting with President Bush ' - what passion arousing viewing that must have been! Usually Mr.Berlusconi adores being the centre of attention but this renewed fixation on his headline-grabbing private life is causing some Italians to doubt whether these antics are in keeping with the dignity of the Prime Ministers office.

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