Saturday, 20 June 2009

Down by the pool.

The two boyz were raring to go at five this morning despite having stayed up until midnight to welcome the wanderer home. I half opened my eyes at first light to see two faces peering up at me from the side of the bed. They know better than to bark or scratch but will sit silently, staring fixatedly until one of us stirs. Their silent presence is usually enough to get one of us up to open the door and let them out. Who needs alarm clocks when you have PON's?
Wilfs absolute favourite game is to bring a ball down to the pool and carefully jettison it in the water for me to retrieve and throw back to him. He is simply transfixed by the sound the ball makes when it splashes into the water and will stand and stare at it floating on top of the water - for him it is an absolute marvel.We must have repeated the 'splosh and throw' exercise at least thirty times when I went in for my afternoon swim yesterday afternoon. Digby is altogether less keen on going near the pool as it full of that dreaded element ...water!

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KB said...

If I had a pool, my dogs would never come out!