Sunday, 28 June 2009

Just like Nova Scotia

At the end of May I suggested to the font of all knowledge that we think of going on holiday to Canada for a week or so to get away from the heat - we find the country friendly,efficient, clean,with interesting wine,surprisingly good food and a laid back sense of fun. After much discussion we thought we might try Nova Scotia for the first time or go back to Vancouver which we know and like. The Canadian tourist board was gloriously efficient and a large envelope of cheerful material extoling the benefits of Halifax and Victoria Island promptly arrived a week later. I've never seen so many brochures showing happily suntanned families eating lobster against a backdrop of azure blue skies and lighthouses. Well,yesterday Nova Scotia came to Italy ( or at least its weather ) and decided to stay. After a glorious start the weather took a turn for the worse around noon and then went rapidly downhill. By two o'clock it was a chilly 17 degrees and then the rain ,thunder and lightning started. Digby , who is not keen on atmospheric disturbances spent most of the afternoon trying to make himself invisible under the bed. He graciously decided to emerge at dinner time but kept in close proximity to his 'folks'. This morning we awoke to a thick,impenetrable blanket of fog which is my idea of what life on the Nova Scotian coast in February must be like. The boyz are not impressed.

There was a huge wedding in the village yesterday. I felt so sorry for the young couple and their respective families
- the rain just came down and down in constant grey waves soaking bride and groom and the vast array of bridesmaids. Looking back at the diary entries for the end of June last year and the year before I see that the temperatures were in the high 30's and aridly dry , so quite where this weather has come from is anyones guess. Let's hope it goes quickly.

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