Friday, 12 June 2009

The sonic mole scarer.

The two boyz have returned from their early morning romp in the fields and have settled down inelegantly in the shade on the newly planted grass at the front door. The dirt on Wilfs nose, the mud caked around the mouth and his generally dishevelled look would indicate that he has been involved in a spot of high intensity critter chasing .
In order to keep the new lawns in something approaching a prisitine state we have invested in some sonic mole scarers. We never had moles in the garden until we seeded a new lawn and put in hugely expensive irrigation system. No sooner had we done so than "hey presto ! " the international fraternity of moles decided to host their annual convention at our front door.The locals have all sorts of gruesome ways of dealing with moles involving powdered glass and poison. We take the view that they are cute little creatures and welcome to do whatever they do just as long as they do it somewhere else.The instructions on the box ( ordered on Amazon and dispatched from the UK in three days ! ) say that the solar powered sonic vibrator will keep an area of 750 square metres free of moles. The locals have voiced many opinions about our latest acquisition none of which has been positive and some of which have come close to questioning our sanity. I shall monitor the lawns closely and hope for a rapid and marked improvement in their condition.

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Persephone and Buster said...

HAH! i can just imagine the looks you may be getting from the locals...hmmmmcrazy scots..
anyhow.. moles also feed on grubs which is a main source of food --alas, by removing the little grubs, that would also be another way to get rid of the moles (the glass method just doesn't sound real good). dunno about the vibrating ground..but hey you never know the private lives of moles....could keep them there! (scary thought)..
theBUSTER, busy chasing the "voles" that are getting into the pots of flowers...not to mention the chipmunks -- pass the grey poupon