Wednesday, 24 June 2009

While the rest of Europe enjoys a heatwave we freeze

We are both wearing woolens this morning to deal with a bitter cold snap that has arrived from nowhere. Although it's now nearly seven-thirty it's still only 14 degrees and feels as if we're back in Scotland - naturally the two troubadors find the cool weather enervating and have been charging around the grounds as though they are puppies.

We have built a dog run for the boyz in order to let the assorted builders,gardeners,and other tradesmen get on with their work without being constantly bothered by requests for ball throwing . It is situated by the back gate of the pool amid the shade of the fig trees so they get a 360 view of everything that is going on in and around the house.Naturally, they both consider being relegated to the dog run as an absolute insult to their inalienable right as sheepdogs to control the movements of everyone who comes to the house.If dogs could be grumpy then these two would win a gold medal.

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shane rocket said...

that is the funniest post i have EVER read!!! :) the boys make me smile...