Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Any excuse for fun

Every morning bright and early we check the pool to make sure that it's clean, that the water levels are ok and that the pumps are working properly. For me it's just one of those thousand and one routine type things that need to be done every morning. However,for the boyz it is another chance to play. Wilf now has a well perfected summer routine. When I go down to the pool he races off to pick up a ball from the courtyard. He then carefully follows me around with the ball in his mouth and when he's absolutely sure I'm looking he drops the ball with a satisfyingly loud splash into the water.This then means that I have to get the pool net,fish the ball out and then throw it to him. This cycle was repeated seventeen times this morning and was accompanied by joyous squeals, yelps and play barking.
The two boys love to stand close to the edge of the pool ( but not too close in case they should come into contact with water ) staring with all their combined concentration at the ball being hauled out. You need to be a dog owner to understand the laughter that comes from sharing your day with a four footed friend. While you're worrying about everything that needs to be done in the next twelve hours they are focused on living life to the full.

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