Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Jethro Tull coming to Todi

Another glorious start to the day. The wildflowers along the driveway have really started to multiply in the three years since we stopped using chemicals on the fields. The blue cornflowers are nearly five feet high this summer and are mixing with the wild orchids and daisies in a thick verge about three feet across. The tall wild grasses add an architectural dimension to the scene but their seeds are attracted to the boyz coats like iron filings to a magnet. I've spent thirty minutes this morning pulling the sharp,hard shards from Digby's coat. Wilf meantime has settled down with a yoghurt carton that he is determinedly licking every last trace of yoghurt out of.

The roads around here are suddenly plastered with signs screaming 'Jethro Tull'. I had gone happily through life thinking Mr.Tull was a solo artist, but I am told by the font of all knowledge that Jethro Tull is the name of a blues band founded in London in 1967. Apparently they are coming to Todi to give a concert on July 5th this year. From the extent of the advertising it seems to be the highlight of the town calendar with tickets on sale in every shop in the central square. For Todi this is pretty adventurous stuff. However, I'm looking forward to reading next weeks letters page of the local newspaper - you can be sure that there are local citizens who are concerned that the concert will lead to scenes of depravity in the streets with 'young' people dancing in public, smoking pot or displaying too much flesh.

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