Monday, 18 May 2009

30 degrees

One of the fun things about blogging is being reminded what a wonderful and diverse world we live in. I mentioned a couple of great blogs last week and recently came across a blog 'Romping and Rolling in the Rockies' ( with some excellent pictures of the author mountain biking with her dogs in Colorado . I look longingly at the pictures of snow capped mountains every morning just to feel cool . The mercury got up to 30 degrees yesterday and is set to go higher today. The boyz were out at six this morning for their walk but after half an hour in the fields it was getting to be uncomfortably warm and they were delighted to get back into the shade of the courtyard. The better half has informed me that from now until the end of September we are moving onto Italian time - up at five , an afternoon doze between two and four and then to bed at midnight. I like the idea of an afternoon siesta but we'll see how far we get with this latest idea of getting up early at five tomorrow morning .

In the wider world the scandal over legislators expenses in the UK parliament has now entered its eleventh day. This afternoon we may get a vote on whether the Speaker, an ancient and venerable position, should be removed from office for complicity. The last time a speaker was removed happened was in 1652 . Don't let it be said that popular democracy is dead!

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I've been lurking here, checking out your stories of your dogs. Thanks for mentioning my blog! I can't imagine 30 deg C...