Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Natures circotherm oven

Out at six this morning with the two troubadors for a walk across the fields. This is the first day of the year that's really ,really hot. The heat on our faces felt as if someone has left the door of the circotherm oven open.

I took a deep breath yesterday , got out the electric shears and trimmed both boyz . From the photo you will see that the results leave something to be desired - stylish,svelte and well groomed they ain't. At least they both have now had two inches of thick coating taken off - although with their constant twisting and turning on the grooming table the two inches has not been removed uniformly. The quick haircut was needed as their long coats quickly collect the sharp pointed grass seeds which are springing up in every border and unworked patch of land. These needle like seeds can then work their way up into their ears causing all sorts of distress. If I can face it then maybe there will be another attempt later today at improving their appearance and balancing out some of the worst of yesterdays trimming. Their thoughts on the trimming process can probably be seen on their faces.

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