Friday, 15 May 2009

Off to the vets

A couple of weeks ago Digby developed a large sore on his front paw - it could have been a grass seed that had worked its way into his paw or a bite from a bee, a small scorpion or possibly even a snake. We've been diligently washing it in hot salty water twice a day and then applying tea tree lotion to calm it down. This morning he didn't want to get up, walked around the house with his head down, and then to let us know he was really unhappy he refused to get out of his bed to come with his brother on the morning romp. That's serious. Thank heavens we have a wonderful lady vet. She has agreed to see him before surgery this morning so we're all packing up and heading off in the car. Children can tell you what hurts.With dogs it's a much more intuitive process trying to determine what is merely an off day and what could potentially be a problem. When one of the family clowns is sick everyone knows!

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