Saturday, 2 May 2009

Last of the long hair

It's hot. I'm in shorts for the first time this year and the boyz are due a haircut to prepare them for the rising mercury. The trick is finding the right hair length - long enough to keep the fierce Italian sun off their skins but short enough for them not to get too hot. Thankfully, their inbuilt,and so far failsafe, Polish temperature control means that when it gets above 20 degrees they come and sleep on the cold stone floors inside the house between eleven in the morning and five in the evening with a brief interlude for lunch and a stretch. Aside from the unforgiving sun,there is another danger we have just learnt about. One of our neighbours dogs has had to be rushed to the vet for an operation. It was out in the fields this morning when it came across a family of wild boar cubs with their mother out foraging for food. The poor thing was charged by the frightened boar and has a huge gash where the horns tore into the flesh.Apparently at this time of the year they start to wander down from their winter habitats in the mountains to feast on all the lush goodies growing in the valleys. Not the sort of problems we were faced with in Scotland.

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