Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Time to open the pool

The boyz came face to face with the swimming pool this morning. We close it at the end of September when the heat starts to go and usually open it up again at the beginning of May. This year we are well and truly behind schedule but at seven this morning,after what seems like dozens of phone calls,the pool maintenance team finally arrived to get it ready. In this part of the world, with the temperatures hovering around 40, a pool is an absolute must.

The boyz treat the pool with great respect. Wilf has twice in his life managed to fall headlong into the pool when he wasn't concentrating. On both occassions he had all the bouyancy of a stone and had to be fished out. Digby has fallen in once and now gives it a wide berth.

1 comment:

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Sounds like you swim like a Scottie - or a cinderblock!! Be careful.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java