Thursday, 21 May 2009

Who designs security systems?

After last months robbery and injuries we have had a new and improved burglar alarm fitted. It promises to be all singing and all dancing , The man who installed it says it should be able to detect any bad'un getting to within fifty metres of the house. After the first night of living with the new system its clear there are some problems with its design . Firstly, the control panel looks as if it has fallen off the Space Shuttle and requires a doctorate in electrical engineering to operate it ( by the way, why is it that instruction manuals are written in some strange language that approximates to English but excludes all the important verbs ?). Secondly, the infrared detectors which have been carefully set so that they won't set of the alarm when a hedgehog wanders past have clearly got a mind of their own. Every time a hedgehog wanders past they go off. I put it down to teething troubles, the better half used a different phrase ( which I won't repeat ) at one o'clock this morning , then at two thirty and again at four. My first job this morning is to get the engineer down here to fix it.

It's another 33 degrees day ( 92 to those of you in the US ) without a cloud in sight. The two boyz have had their usual morning rosh ( rush out, saunter home ) and are now settled under the trees in the courtyard wondering what mischief lies in store for them. They had another coat trim yesterday to try to improve on the first attempt which left them looking rather unkempt.

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