Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Wild lupins, strange plants, peace and quiet, and a slowly recovering Wilf.

The builders have gone with their tractors and forklift , the electricians make occasional and random brief appearances , and the long absent gardeners who went off for lunch a week ago never to return , tell us they will be back next week. In other words for the first time in months it is just us and the two boyz. Peace! Sweet, heavenly peace.
I've had a chance to look at the olives today. The wild lupins that we planted as a good eco crop to get nutrient back into the soil are now coming into bloom - I'm hoping that as they come into full flower we will have hectares of red underplanting to the olive groves within a week. It should look amazing and provide excellent feed for the local farmers cows come winter.
We've also started to notice some weird and wonderful blue and purple bulbs cropping up in strange places. I've never seen anything like them growing wild in Scotland. Thank you by the way to the highly intelligent reader who sent us the name of the white crocus like flowers - can you help us with these?.
Wilf is on the mend and will be having plain rice for dinner - hardly his favourite meal but after last nights antics probably the safest to calm his digestion. We are praying that everyhting is now calm, and that we will get a full nights sleep after being up and down with the problem tummy.

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