Friday, 15 May 2009

Digby's reflection of the day upon returning from the vet : " Fall seven times,stand up eight ".

Digby has returned from the vet having had his paw dressed and cleaned - it was probably a scorpion sting. Horror of horrors during the examination the vet said that he is unacceptably overweight (24 kilos) and is to be put on a diet in order to lose 3 kilos. I naturally got the blame for the little darlings weight gain as I am supposedly always slipping him snacks - or so the vet was told .The parallels drawn between my middle age spread and Digby's were I thought quite uncalled for . It's fortunate I don't have a thin skin. Thankfully, it has not been suggested that I go on a diet or take up exercise so Digby will need to face the new regimen on his own.I'm waiting for someone to suggest that I scale my weight back in line with Digby.


Mason Dixie said...

Being on a diet really bites. You should join us with Addie for the Biggest pet loser challenge. we are supporting eachother. check it out. =)

Angus said...

Thanks for the support. We'll try to keep up with you guys in the challenge but I'm not hopeful. With Digby's sore paw he doesn't want to take any exercise at all.